Endpoint: /places/v1/addresses

ResourceResource methodResource urlResource descriptionProduct Category
FindGET/findQuicker than match and less accurate, a free text search designed for quick use e.g. form filling.Capture and Verification
PostcodeGET/postcodeA search based on a properties postcode. The minimum for the resource is the area and district e.g. SO16, and will accept a full postcode consisting of the area, district, sector and unit e.g. SO16 0AS .Capture and Verification
UPRNGET/uprnA search that takes a UPRN as the search parameter.Capture and Verification
MatchGET/matchA granular, free text search, designed for matching and cleansing existing addresses.Matching and Cleansing
NearestGET/nearestTakes a pair of coordinates (X and Y) as an input to determine the closest address.GeoSearch
Bounding BoxGET/bboxTakes two points and creates a bounding box around the points. All addresses in this bounding box are then returned.GeoSearch
RadiusGET/radiusTakes a pair of coordinates as the centre for a circle, and returns all address attributes that are intersected by the resulting circle.GeoSearch
PolygonPOST/polygonTakes a geoJSON polygon or multi-polygon object and returns all address attributes that are in the object.GeoSearch


Northern Ireland

Due to Northern Ireland addresses being outside of the British National Grid, the Nearest, BBox and Radius resources are not available for addresses in Northern Ireland.